Wow! That Changed My Life!

For the past several years I've been helping high school students in a regional school district in New Hampshire connect with programs and adventures. At first we were astonished to find how many different types of programs there were, and how little most teens and their parents understood about how to find them.

As more kids signed up for programs, took off for a month and came back to tell how their lives had been changed, we began to realize that this wasn't about just finding something to do for the summer. This was a vital part of what your high school years should include.

Teens from all kinds of high schools all over the country are opening up new worlds for themselves outside the school walls. So I've begun to collect information about programs that I know, and to share that information with anybody who is interested.

You can choose just about any type of adventure, course, job or experience you want from hundreds of different programs during the summer or even during the school year. You can even get high school credit in many cases.

The opportunities are just about endless. Outdoors, indoors, in your local community or overseas, intensely academic or laid-back experiences, a week to a year long, building on a talent or interest you already have or exploring an area that is brand new to you

Low cost and financial aid

Among the hundreds and hundreds of possibilities around the country and the world you'll find programs that are looking for just the kind of person you are.

You may be able to get financial help or scholarships much more easily than you might imagine. And aside from travel costs, some of the best programs are free, low cost, or provide some type of financial aid.

Programs we know and love

We've put together a small list of programs here that we've had direct experience with, either through kids at our local regional high school in New Hampshire or through conversations with the directors at the programs and past participants. This list isn't intended to be comprehensive, but it does provide you with a great starting point. More often than not, the kids we've know come back from these programs saying, "Wow! That changed my life!"

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